October has arrived and "ARK: Survival Evolved" fans have been longing for its massive content - "Aberration" to arrive. While its player base waits for the DLC, Studio Wildcard recently took notice of a couple of "ARK" mods that have been gaining popularity with the community as of late.

Learn them to earn them

Starting things off is the mod simply named as "Zoology." The mod was posted on Steam over a month ago and has gained quite a subscriber count on that website.

According to Wildcard's blog post, Zoology will add some new mechanics and features within the game's discovery process for every species in The Island.

Basically, it is a mod that changes how creatures act and behave. It also adds a "layer of in-game discovery" that is loosely based on "ARK's" dossier logger – Helena.

The mod allows players to gain knowledge from each creature that they discover/study within The Island. Players will be using this acquired knowledge to live better inside the ARK. They will also gain additional bonuses for their pets as they learn these so-called Zoology Engrams.

When 'PUBG' and dinos meet

Meanwhile, "ARK's" Urban Death Match is a very promising mod for trigger-happy survivors, though it is somewhat similar to the Tribe Wars and the pre-match that was rolled out in team deathmatch penchant.

The blog post stated that there are six spawning locations within the map alongside some crates that contain gears to beef up every player.

The mod has a medium-sized urbanized location complete with structures and buildings that are perfect for this type of gameplay. The mod has several game modes which include the Scavenger mode, Survival mode, Custom Arena Death Match, and Team Death Match. There is also a Commodities Exchange feature where players can exchange their excess loot for tokens that can be used to buy armor, weapons, and ammo.

PS4 patch v516

In other "ARK" news, the version 516 update for PlayStation 4 finally went live as it ushered in new items, tweaks, and fixes within the game. The patch brought in the TEK Sword that has some pretty nifty perks on it like the ability to damage metal, pierce armor, and even has a charge-attack provided that the weapon is powered by the Element.

The TEK Shield, on the other hand, deflects bullets and even incoming projectiles. TEK armors now last three times longer per Element alongside its ability to reduce incoming torpor. For the complete patch notes for this recent update, players might want to check the game's official website. Check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: