The “Overwatchmeta is constantly changing each competitive season. Last month, the dive meta was rampant and filled with characters like Genji, Winston, Tracer, and Lucio. Back during Season 3, the Support hero, Ana, led the triple tank meta with her stupendous healing. Blizzard continuously changes characters in the game to balance things out, and now two new heroes are sharing the limelight in the sixth “Overwatch” competitive season.

Junkrat and McCree

According to Heroes Never Die, both Junkrat and Mccree have been pretty popular picks this competitive season.

It’s worth noting that even pro players are beginning to see the potential both heroes have. They’ve gotten some significant tweaks that definitely improved their overall play style. McCree’s Flashbang has gotten a slight buff, while his ultimate ability can kill their targets faster.

Junkrat, on the other hand, has gotten a handful of recent buffs. His Concussion Mine now has two charges, allowing him to engage and escape a battle much easier. Moreover, his trap now does more damage, and his ultimate ability is faster and better at climbing walls. Many players have noted how much stronger the hero is, hence his improved pick rate.

That said, the current meta is slowly drifting away from the dive comp as new heroes are stealing the spotlight.

While characters like Winston and Tracer are still powerful, people have already learned how to counter them. That said, there’s been one particular hero who’s been destroying the dive meta.

Another challenger

Doomfist has been shaking up with the dive meta recently by working against it. When the enemy team decides to jump on the point, Doomfist can simply punch them away.

When that happens, everyone turns their attention towards him, giving his team the chance to fight back. That said, when the field is swarming with enemies, both McCree and Junkrat can easily clear them out. The Offense hero just needs to activate his Deadeye, while Junkrat can just spam his powerful bombs.

Judging by this, it seems like the meta is slowly building around Doomfist.

He seems to be the center of matches because of his powerful attacks and impressive mobility. That said, he isn’t a character without counters. Sombra can easily destroy him with her Hack ability, whereas Pharah can bombard him with endless rockets. We might even see more of the two said heroes in the future if Doomfist becomes a must pick in the current “Overwatch” competitive season.