Several fans were disappointed upon finding out that the extra-challenging Prestige Difficulty of the Leviathan Raid is not happening on its first scheduled release. Bungie postponed the difficult version of the raid to fix the game-breaking bug that exploits the Emperor Calus fight. Meanwhile, the much-awaited PvP event in “Destiny 2” is finally happening. Iron Banner will go live in the hit multi-shooter game starting 2 AM Pacific Time on October 10. It will run for exactly seven days and will end at the same time on Tuesday, October 17.

What is Iron Banner?

The new player-versus-player event making a debut in “Destiny 2” is dubbed the Iron Banner. The event was originally introduced in the first game installment from Bungie. The event now offers exclusive wolf-themed weapons and armor for players who are skilled enough to spare some time in the event. From its original release, the game developer has made notable changes in the event.


In the new game, developer Bungie disables the level advantages across all Crucible modes. This includes Trials of the Nine and Iron Banner. This is very significant as it gives the players an equal footing with opponents. In this event, your fate will depend on your skill and not on your level.


By playing the Iron Banner matches, players will earn rewards. There will be items that will be unlocked like the way gears are obtained from other in-game activities. When the player completes an Iron Banner Match, they will earn IB Tokens. There are more IB Tokens earned every time a player wins a match. The IB Tokens can be turned in to Lord Saladin, who is tasked as the event’s vendor.

Enough tokens have a corresponding IB Engram. This engram can contain IB-themed weapons and armors. The new setup that the developer has made to the title’s Iron Banner is much simpler compared to the reward structure it has with the first game installment.

New PvP map

Players can also explore a new PvP map that Bungie announced today.

Dubbed the Distant Shore, this new map will be available in the game starting October 10 alongside the debut of the Iron Banner. The new Crucible map is set on Nessus. It will not be playable in all playlists upon its arrival in the game. Instead, the map will enter into the rotation for all Crucible game types when the Iron Banner event ends on October 17.

Destiny 2” is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The hit shared multi-shooter title from Bungie will arrive for PC users on October 24.