Overwatch” has made an impressive feat in the gaming as well as in the eSports world. While there is a margin of difference between the two worlds, Blizzard is trying to close that gap. When the League was announced for Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter title, it was clear that the game developer will use all the resources available to bring the competitive sport to the public. Recently, it appears that the developer is following major league organizations like NBA and NFL and their respective achievements. This includes the league uniform, or in this case, the skins.

League skins

Blizzard has recently confirmed that League skins will soon arrive in “Overwatch.” Earlier, fans saw that the Shanghai Dragons have a Mei skin. On the other hand, the Dallas Fuel has a cool new Genji skin. There is a heavy speculation within the community right now on the potential that these awesome-looking skins would soon be available in Blizzard’s hit first-person shooter title. Other fans suggest that the skins could be acquired by way of donations to the team. Several others said that the developer could give it to fans who watch the streaming of the championships.

The League

The League is already foreseen by most players to be Blizzard’s profitable venture, thus adding the cosmetics to the game would only rake in more income to the competitive scene.

In their previous statement, Blizzard said that they are honored to partner with Team Envy to announce the Dallas Fuel’s icon or visual identity with a custom Genji skin. The developer added that they are looking forward into giving more details about the league-affiliated in-game items in the future.

The League will kick-off in December 2017, and one of the best ways to support a team is to use team-specific skins in the game.

So far, all 12 teams that will be in the competitive scene have been announced. Fans can expect that all these teams will have their own iconic visual identity. So far, it is not clear if all the teams are required to have their own design for all game characters or if they will be limited to only one iconic representation.

Aside from skins, most likely sprays and icons will also be a part of the game’s League. Fans are hoping that if there were a League-affiliated scene, the developer would make them available to the game soon. Meanwhile, players are waiting now for the announcement of the “Overwatch” Halloween Terror Event 2017, which is scheduled to debut on October 10. There are several leaks recently showing skins of Zenyatta, Symmetra, Mei, and Reaper.