Blizzard recently announced the start of the Halloween event in “Overwatch.” The latest announcement contains few details about the upcoming event. This includes the start date and a couple of new skins for two undisclosed heroes. It is worth noting that several days ago; a leak surfaced online revealing details of the upcoming event. The leaked images appear to be Gamestop’s marketing material for the upcoming event.

Latest announcement

On the official Twitter account of “Overwatch”, a new tweet announced the return of the Halloween event. It includes an image of Dr.

Junkenstein with the event’s name and its start date. In addition, images of McCree and Reaper are also shown in the announcement teaser. Based on the latest announcement from the game developer, most fans now are starting to speculate that Blizzard might introduce a couple of new Halloween skins during the event.

New skins

The two new skins could be for the two heroes shown in the teaser, which fans anticipate to be Legendary quality skins. As shown in the announcement teaser, Reaper might have a skin that depicts a modern vampire, or maybe that of Dracula.

The image shows the hero sporting a high-collared black and red jacket. Interestingly, his skull mask now has fangs. On the other hand, McCree could get a Van Helsing skin. This compliments reaper’s Dracula skin. Van Helsing is the popular vampire hunter from the iconic story of Dracula.

Other details

Fans viewed the return of Summer Games 2017 along with Lucioball as indications that other events launched last year could be returning in the game soon.

Several fans are speculating that most likely, the Halloween Event 2017 will also bring Junkenstein’s Revenge back. This is the event-theme player vs. environment brawl.

The claim further states that while the developer did not state that it is coming back, the image of Junkenstein is included in the event announcement teaser.

Like the Lucioball, if the PvE horde mode is indeed returning, fans should expect changes to the Junkenstein’s Revenge as well. Most likely, skins from last year’s Halloween event will also be available. If the Sumer Games 2017 is any indication, then fans could expect that the old Halloween skins will be available at discounted prices.

The “Overwatch” announcement teaser also coincides to the leaked information that recently surfaced online. The promotional art believed to be from a popular game store Gamestop revealed the date to be October 9. This could be the date that the game store will put the advertisement for the event that will start the following day.