As Blizzard’s annual event fast approaches, the game developer is raising the hype by recently releasing a new behind-the-scenes video for “Overwatch.” The new footage contained in the “2017 Year in Review” features the game’s director Jeff Kaplan and lead writer Michael Chu. Aside from talking about the first-person shooter’s feat last year, the developers also share their experiences. It also features discussions about Orisa, Symetra, and Doomfist.

2017 year in Review

The new “Overwatch2017 Year in Review video was released as part of the hype build-up leading to the annual event of Blizzard dubbed as Blizzcon.

The video is a look back at the first year of Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter. It commences with Jeff Kaplan and Michael Chu looking back at the launch of Oasis, which happened in January 2017. After discussing the Oasis the duo moved to Horizon Lunar Colony Map, which came out in June,


Aside from the maps, the developer also talks about the experience releasing a hero in the game. For this year, Blizzard released two new heroes, Orisa and Doomfist. From its failed Sombra alternate reality game, it moved to Doomfist. In the video, the developers reveal that Doomfist is the most stressful to release. He is the most-hyped and highly anticipated hero in the game. Fans were talking about him even before Orisa was even launched.

Jeff Kaplan also commemorates the game’s first year anniversary and acknowledges the milestone the game has achieved. However, he underlines that the only thing that is going to be much better than this year is the upcoming year.

Mysterious Event

Meanwhile, fans are currently talking about the Mysterious event that is scheduled for Blizzard’s first-person shooter title at the Blizzcon.

The event is titled “What’s in the Loot Box?” the event’s description states that it will open a giant box. So far, no details about the content of the Loot Box are revealed.

There are speculations from fans that most likely it will contain sprays. Some are claiming that it might be something great since the developers took time to come up with a giant Loot Box.

The event is scheduled to start at 5:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time on November 3. It will be held at the second level of North Hall at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

BlizzCon will happen between November 3 and November 4. Fans can expect many events scheduled across Blizzard’s range of game franchises including “Overwatch.”