Exclusively designed for PlayStation 4, Gran Turismo Sport," which offers both offline and online races, will feature 17 different courses based on real-life courses from all over the world. In addition, game developer Polyphony Digital added a number of fantasy tracks for the PS4 players to enjoy. In all, a total of 40 track layouts will be included in this upcoming thirteenth racing video game from the "Gran Turismo" series.

Ken Chan of SCEA wrote on PlayStation Blog about the cars and tracks which will be included on GT Sport. He added that PlayStation 4 players will have the chance to experience the game ahead of launch by joining the "GT Sport" Limited Time Demo this coming Oct.

9 at 10 AM PST.

Original circuits

First on the list of the “GT Sport” original circuits are the two Village tracks in Alsace, a historical region in the northeastern France. Next is the two Autodrome Lago Maggiore Grand Prix tracks located in the beautiful countryside south of the Alps.

The vibrant city of São Paulo offers its most famous motorsport circuit, Autódromo De Interlagos. Many racing enthusiasts believe that Blue Moon Bay, which has two tracks, offers a longer circuit compared to the two tracks of Northern Isle Speedway which was inspired by Bristol Motor Speedway located in Bristol, TN.

Fantasy-like circuit Kyoto Driving Park offers three tracks: the Miyabi circuit and two Yamagiwa circuits.

Meanwhile, both Broad Bean Raceway and the picturesque Dragon Trail Seaside will also offer two circuits each for PS4 racers to enjoy.

Real world circuits

The two Brands Hatch circuits located in Fawkham, Kent, England and appeared in “Gran Turismo 6” are back. For those who still remember, the Brands Hatch Indy is the shorter course while the Grand Prix circuit has the longer track.

Known as Bathurst, Mount Panorama is based on the real world racing circuit in New South Wales, Australia. This circuit also first appeared in “Gran Turismo 6” and has a unique weather condition which makes it suitable to create a 24-hour race.

Located in the town of Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany, Nürburgring is home to four “GT Sport” circuits.

Based in Japan, the Suzuka Circuit is a real-world circuit which already appeared in many “Gran Turismo” series.

Finally, the race track complex in Willow Springs, California offers the most number of layouts with five. Like the other racing circuits, Willow Springs International Raceway has already appeared in “Gran Turismo 6.”

Other circuits

Also known as the KK Expressway, the Tokyo Expressway is a short, semicircular loop expressway in central Tokyo. This location offers four race track layouts on “GT Sport”: the central inner and outer loops, and the east inner and outer loops.

The three remaining courses give a different kind of racing experience due to its environment conditions: Colorado Springs, Fisherman’s Ranch, and Sardegna – Windmills. All three courses offer two race track layouts each on “GT Sport”. "Gran Turismo Sport" will be available this coming Oct. 17 in North America.