Blizzard is continuously improving “Overwatch” heroes. The game developer regularly rolls out balance changes to some of the characters of its popular first-person shooter game. Several heroes are buffed while some are getting nerfed. Mercy has received a vital overhaul in the previous major balance patch. The developer totally changed how her Resurrect ability functions. The change made the hero a bit overpowered.

Interestingly, new changes have been recently released in the game’s Public Test Realm. This includes changes in the new Ultimate of Mercy.

Latest PTR changes

Mercy’s new Ultimate, dubbed as Valkyrie, received the latest change that is currently being tested in the “Overwatch” Public Test Realm. Now, her Valkyrie no longer resets or lowers the cooldown of Resurrection. Before the change, when the hero’s Valkyrie was triggered, its Resurrect had a 30-second reset cooldown. In addition, for its entire active duration, it was reduced to 10 seconds.

This enables the hero to rez a number of teammates in quick succession. This is aside from the massive damage, healing, and mobility boost that her new Ultimate supplies to her personally. On the game’s Public Test Realm, her Resurrect maintains its 30-second cooldown when her new Ult is active.

Her Ultimate now doubles the range of her Resurrect. The most recent change is a minor one. However, it will enable the hero to remain powerful yet still fun to use. It lessens the perception of several players that she is the ideal hero for all situations.

Other details

On Reddit, a user named Ilko962 shared several observations on the latest changes rolled out by Blizzard.

The Redditor mentioned the changes to Mercy explained earlier and added that the momentum for her Guardian Angel is now gone. This appears to not included in the latest patch notes released by Blizzard. The Reddit user also cited several changes that are observed in other heroes.

This includes Junkrat’s Rip-Tire moving much slower.

In addition, the Redditor noticed that Genji’s Dragonblade is now slashing faster at the start. Genji’s Ultimate is also continuing even when he is already stunned. While this is taking place, his Ultimate charge is being exhausted.

Ilko962 also noticed that D. Va’s mech is no longer dropping when Self-Destruct is activated with the Hold to Boost option. It turns out that the buff observed by the Redditor on Genji is a bug. Other players debunked the claim of the Reddit user on Junkrat’s Rip-Tire stating that it still moves at the same speed.

Meanwhile, fans are looking forward to the start of this year’s Halloween event for “Overwatch.” Recently, the game announced on Twitter that the event would start on October 10.