It looks like “The Last of Us 2” will plausibly launch in 2019, approximately six years after the original title. Sony and Naughty Dog have stayed mum regarding the release date of the sequel until now. However, a key person involved in production apparently hinted when fans can likely play the hotly anticipated title on PS4.

The next entry to the survival horror video game series was officially announced at the PlayStation Experience (PSX) 2016 after being rumored to be in the Naughty Dog’s cards for some time. The studio did confirm that it is underway as another PS4 exclusive AAA title.

Sadly enough, the game developer did not give any concrete detail pertaining to its release date as of yet.

2019 release date hinted

Fortunately, composer of the original title’s score, Gustavo Santaolalla, recently talked with an Argentinian radio station, Vorterix. During the interview, Santaolalla dropped a hint as to the “The Last of Us 2” release date and stated that the company's plan is to launch the sequel in 2019.

If this snippet of information is to be believed, Naughty Dog will be taking six years to launch the sequel of the massively successful “The Last of Us.” The first installment was released in 2013 for PS3 and remastered for the PS4 console in 2014.

PS5 system launch title

Interestingly, the latest tip on its release date has also drawn fresh speculations that are now making the rounds online.

Gaming pundits and analysts suggest that the second installment will be sold on Sony’s next-gen console, the Ps5 system.

The latest clue from the game’s composer is not a confirmation from either Sony or Naughty Dog. However, Tweak Town believes that gaming enthusiasts can expect the second part of Joel and Ellie’s action-adventure to be offered as a huge PlayStation 5 Launch Title in 2019.

Why? According to the publication, it’s a big AAA franchise that is exclusive to Sony’s gaming console. This is truly something that the game publisher could capitalize on and rake in millions of unit sales of its next-gen console. That is especially if the new game will boast a 4K/60FPS with next-gen graphics on PS5.

PS5 update

Talking of PS5, Shawn Layden, president of Sony Interactive America commented earlier about launching the next-gen console in the near future. German website Golem reported that Layden did confirm a PS5 is coming, however, it will likely take some time before it will become available in the gaming market.

It is said that PS5 will boast a discrete GPU, contrary to the APU-powered console that is currently used in gaming platforms. Perhaps Sony intends to raise the bar vis-à-vis Microsoft Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch.

Sony and Naughty Dog have not yet debunked Santaolalla’s statement about the 2019 launching of “The Last of Us 2.” It is likely, however, that fans will hear additional exciting details about the sequel at Paris Games Week, which will run from November 1 to November 5. Sony confirmed earlier that it has big announcements to make at the show, so, stay tuned.