Bungie revealed information about the upcoming update for “Destiny 2,” which is the patch 1.0.6. It will bring tons of bug fixes as well as gameplay improvements. Bungie also revealed some of their plans in the end-Game System of “Destiny 2.” However, the company is still thinking on whether they will release the end-game improvements or not. “Destiny 2” is known for its amazing end-game experience where players are grinding to get the very best gears. Due to this, fans can expect that Bungie will implement the end-game improvements soon.

Patch notes of 1.0.6

The upcoming update for “Destiny 2” includes several fixes. First is the fix in the issue where the Bureaucratic Walk emote is causing a collision detection. The update also fixed the issue where players are encountering empty public rooms too often while in the free roam. Bungie also changed the rule settings in Mercy where players can activate Mercy earlier during a battle. The Clash also received changes where the score limit is now lowered from 75 to 50. The Control's score limit also received a reduced score limit from 100 to 90. Bungie also reduced the Survival's round time limit from three to two minutes. The life count in Survival also got reduced from eight to six.

The objective score in Supremacy increased from 50 to 70. Bungie also confirmed that players can now score one point for killing an enemy guardian.

End-game improvements

According to Bungie, they want to add new systems and rewards for players who already reached the end-game status. The company also wants to give more incentives for those who finished the Prestige activities.

Bungie also wants to give more rewards and replay value for several game modes, such as Strikes, Adventures and Lost Sectors. This will help push the end-game system of the game even further. Bungie also wants to bring in private matches in early 2018. The Crucible might also receive tunings in the future including better rewards.

The company also wants to improve and bring more valuable rewards to Iron Banner and Faction Rallies. Bungie also said that they want to change the several features in mods, which will improve its economy. However, the company did not confirm what kind of change it will be. Bungie also said that there are several ongoing improvements on Exotic gears. The company also wants to bring more ways to spend surplus currency and other materials. More emotes changes are also being planned to be implemented in the game.