"Overwatch" is one of the most popular first-Person shooters of the decade. Its unique characters and maps make it novel and exciting for both new and experienced Players.

"Overwatch" represents a departure from the typical first-person shooter in that there are no modifications to individual characters or classes. Instead, there are 21 diverse hero characters from which to choose from. These characters are what make the game so unique. They create endless excitement, allowing players to learn the abilities of one character and move on to the next.

'Overwatch' basics

The "Overwatch" characters themselves are unique enough to be the stars of their own stories. Torbjorn, a dwarf engineer, has a defensive turret that can be upgraded. Winston, an ape scientist, is both an intellectual genius and a ferocious animal. Tracer, a British pilot beyond the bounds of space and time, can warp to different locations and even turn back time to reverse any mistakes she may have made. Genji is a defensive character who possesses the ability to reflect damage to his opponents with his sword. Pharah utilizes a jetpack and drops explosives from above. Each hero has its own unique skills that encourage players to choose abilities that both complement each other and counter those of the opposing team.

'Overwatch' and changing characters

"Overwatch" even allows players to switch heroes mid-match, as they deem necessary. There are no requirements, however. Everyone on the team can be the same character if they so choose. "Overwatch" is designed in such a way that a balanced team will be most effective, however. The game encourages this by displaying warning messages telling you what your team needs if you’re unbalanced.

Players rave about the twelve maps of "Overwatch" as well. There’s so much to explore that it keeps you guessing. Each map has a primary point around which the action focuses in addition to special alternative routes that can only be accessed by characters with certain abilities.

After each match players can cast votes to evaluate each other’s efforts.

The evaluations can involve different aspects of each hero’s special abilities. This reinforces the idea that there is no one correct strategy. Players can alter the way they move forward at will.

Overall, there are not many negative reviews about "Overwatch". The game has surged in popularity, with over 35 million players at present. As Kirk McKeand of TrustedReviews.com has said, “If you buy one game to get your online fix this year, make it this one”.