Blizzard has been on a roll lately with numerous updates for the popular first-person shooter game, "Overwatch." Whether it's a new game mode, new abilities or a map, the game developer made sure that "Overwatch" players are constantly updated with a fresh new content. There is another big update being tested on the game's Public Test Realm and if it passes, it will change the way players use their ultimate abilities.

Beside changing characters' abilities, adding new cosmetic items and balancing the game, Blizzard has been looking for ways to change some of the mechanics in "Overwatch." In July, the game developer changed respawn time for defenders.

Even though that was a rather subtle change, it had a big impact on the gameplay. This time, Blizzard made a big change regarding ultimate abilities which will force players to be more careful with their timing.

Ultimate ability change

At the moment, players who die immediately after activating their ultimate ability will save a portion or even the entire charge of the ability. This gives them some room for error as there's a good chance they will respawn and retain their ultimate ability.

However, the latest patch on the PTR changes this. The update will completely deplete ultimate ability charge, right after a player activates it. In short, if you activate your ultimate ability and get killed immediately after it, you will lose it completely and it will start from 0% when you respawn.

Some "Overwatch" heroes won't be bothered by this change, while others will have to completely adjust the timing of their ultimate abilities. For example, Zarya and Sombra will not feel the difference since their abilities impact the opposing team immediately after activation. However, characters like Bastion, Genji will have to be more careful and make sure they time it perfectly.

Nerf or a necessary change?

Considering that this change won't affect every single hero in the game, it could be seen as a nerf to specific heroes. While this nerf will affect only one part of the game, it is arguably the most important part. Ultimate abilities are game changers in "Overwatch," and they can easily turn the tide.

After this change, there will definitely be fewer ultimate abilities used in every game.

On the other side, this might be a good change for the game. After all, "Overwatch" is all about the right strategy, so forcing players to be more careful with their abilities may be a great idea.