The trade of NBA superstar Kyrie Irving to Boston Celtics was made official prior to the “NBA 2K18” launch in September. Cleveland Cavaliers finally agreed to deal Irving in exchange for Isaiah Thomas, Ante Zizic, Jae Crowder, and two draft picks. Because of this, the standard edition cover of the game became outdated even before its official release.

Now, a few weeks after the launch, 2K Games looks to keep its original promise to update the game’s cover art. While this does not appear to be a huge deal to most players of the NBA 2K series, the team’s effort to address the Cover Issue is something that some fans appreciate.

New cover insert available now

On Twitter, 2K Games announced that fans now have access to the “NBA 2K18” new cover, with Kyrie wearing his new Boston Celtics uniform. The tweet included a link where players can download and print out the new cover inserts to replace the outdated cover of Irving in his Cleveland Cavaliers jersey.

The download for the new cover is also available for last-gen consoles PS3 and Xbox 360. However, while the lead image includes Nintendo Switch version, there is no link provided to download the new insert for this version yet.

There is no doubt that the new insert surely pleased the game collectors who are up to grab this historic cover.

It is notably the first in the history of the franchise where a cover athlete was traded after the announcement but prior to the incoming season.

According to Forbes, there are passionate gamers who have kept a collection of the physical copies of all the entries in the basketball simulation series since 1991.

What fans are saying

On the contrary, fans flooded the tweet with complaints regarding the problems they’re currently facing in playing the game. They expressed their outrage in the comment section and seemed furious about 2K addressing the outdated cover but not the bigger issues that need to be more importantly fixed.

Some of the common concerns raised by gamers include layups, frequent freezes, shooting, the free throws, the team-up, and even the passing.

Others are requesting that 2K Games should fix the servers too. A gamer named Constantine commented, "What I want is a patch that fixes this broken game and servers that are competent. You're an AAA title, act like it."

The studio released several patches for "NBA 2K18" after it launched on September 19. Developed by Visual Concepts, the game is available on PS4, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.