"Destiny 2" players are grinding double time as of late now that Faction Rallies is on its home stretch. It is expected, however, that Bungie will be following this up with future events as it was discovered within the game's database.

Eagle-eyed fans have uncovered some upcoming items within "Destiny 2" which include new Engrams. Game buffs believe that these could be rolled out in future events within the title and players who already saw these are hyped about it.

A thing for gold...and sevens

A gold Eververse Engram known as the Golden Sevens Bundle was spotted by fans as its description reads that it is "a limited-time bundle for Guardians fond of sevens." It also stated that this contains, shaders, Bright Dust, Bright Engrams, and even a unique ship.

The so-called unique ship dubbed as Nothing Gold has a legendary status under its belt as its description reads, "glamour and style for a Guardian on the move." Nothing much has spilled about this badass ride, though it is expected that details about this vehicle will be released in future "Destiny 2" events/activities.

Cool stuff

Another Engram – the Sub-Zero Bundle is "a one-time bundle for Guardians who want to stay frosty." Just like the other bundle, it has the same content, though it has a Sub-Zero ornament for Coldheart. It may well seem pointless to have this Engram since the Sub-Zero ornament can already be found in Bright Engrams.

A legendary aura dubbed as the Imperial Aura was also discovered within the database.

It is said that this aura serves somewhat of a marking suggesting that the Guardian who has this is one of the champions of Emperor Calus. The description went on stating that it will only last for a week and it is believed that it can be acquired through the Prestige Raid that will go live this month.

In line with this, screenshots of Prestige Raid armor were also spotted as it dons a gold and purple color scheme.

However, perks about this armor set have yet to be disclosed.

Cap? What cap?

Meanwhile, Guardians who have pledged their allegiance to the Future War Cult may have just discovered a glitch exclusive to that faction. Those who have tried it claim that the 30-Engram cap doesn't seem to be in effect on that faction as they continue to rake in Engrams way above their allowable capacity.

Bungie is slated to announce the winner of the Faction Rallies event on October 3 right after the scheduled hotfix. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: