Fans will be able to play the iconic WWE legends, the Hardy Boyz who headline all of the playable characters in “WWE 2K18” DLC. Also, the content packs include new in-game moves, unlocks, and more.

On Twitter, 2K Games announced the details of the season pass price and release schedule. According to the game publisher, the season pass costs $29.99 USD or £24.99.

Although the publisher did not specify the exact release dates, gamers can expect that some of the DLC packs will be dropped in late 2017. The rest of season pass will be launched in early 2018.

The “WWE 2K18” season pass includes five DLC packs. The content of each pack, based on order of release, is detailed below.

5 DLC Packs detailed

First to arrive is called Accelerator Pack, which basically allows gamers to access unlockable items on day one in the purchasable VC section. Players can assign overall rankings and attribute levels to assign for each playable character. The first DLC can be bought separately at $4.99 USD or £3.99.

The Enduring Icons Pack comes next and the Hardy Boyz will be the first playable icons. This DLC also features Hall of Famers Beth Phoenix and The Rock ‘n Roll Express.

The icons pack is also available separately for $9.99 USD or £7.99.

Priced separately at $9.99 USD or £7.99, the third pack is the MyPlayer Kick Start Pack. It enables gamers to hugely boost their custom characters’ career mode stats.

The New Moves Pack is the fourth DLC, which adds the latest and classic WWE moves like the Tie Breaker, Crash Landing, Pumphandle Death Valley Driver and the Swinging Sleeper Slam.

Gamers can get this pack for $3.99 USD or £2.99.

The fifth and the final DLC is called the NXT Generation Pack, which introduces extra WWE and NXT wrestlers to the game’s current roster. The additional wrestling superstars include the likes of Aleister Black, Drew McIntyre, Elias, Lars Sullivan and Ruby Riot. Players can grab all five characters for a separate price of $9.99 or £7.99.

Other Updates

Meanwhile, the WWE 2KDev Spotlight Episode 7 teased Creation Suite. This feature lets players create custom characters who look like the superstars they adore.

The Creation Suite now offers a larger suite of options for the types of face and body. They will be able to also create various lighting effects for ring gears. The logos and designs also look a lot better.

Check out the video below for a brief preview of this fun feature.

“WWE 2K18” is slated for a simultaneous global release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 17. The game is also scheduled to arrive on Nintendo Switch sometime during the fall.