‘Middle-earth: Shadow of War’ released on October 10 and in this short time, the title has become quite popular with gamers. This is the second game in the franchise, which started with ‘Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’ in 2014. Now, Warner Bros. Interactive has revealed the DLCs and expansions the title will feature. The publisher claimed that there will be four expansions, which include two tribes and two campaign DLCs.

Tribe expansions for the game

The first expansion will be released in November and will add the Slaughter tribe to the game. This tribe will feature powerful Orcs that can ambush a player at any time.

This expansion will bring new missions, a new fortress, legendary and Epic Orcs, and more.

The second tribe expansion will be dubbed Outlaw tribe and is slated to release in December. The tribe is described as one where the most rebellious warriors exist. Like the first tribe expansion, this too will add new missions, new fortresses, and Epic and Legendary Orcs. The fortresses on offer with both these tribe expansions will include an Overlord throne room. Additional monuments and outposts that players can discover will also be added.

Campaign expansions

After the release of these tribe DLCs, Warner Bros. will roll out the campaign expansions. Each of these expansions will have a central story and a different playable character.

The first such expansion is named The Blade of Galadriel, and it is expected to launch in February 2018. It will allow gamers to play as an elite assassin named Eltarie. The new character will have a completely different set of skills and combat characteristics from what Talon possessed in the base game.

On the other hand, the Desolation of Mordor DLC will be added to the game in May 2018.

It will allow one to play as Baranor. The player will be able to command humans in their fight against a new Orc threat in the east. The events of this expansion take place in a different location, dubbed Deserts of Lithlad. This expansion will also let one craft new gears and items.

Players can shell out $15 for each of the tribe expansions, as well as The Blade of Galadriel.

They need to shell out $20 for the Desolation of Mordor DLC. Warner Bros will also allow enthusiasts to buy all four expansions for $40, thanks to the season pass. Through this, the expansions will reach players as and when they become available. Players who purchased the $100 Gold Edition of the game will not have to shell out any additional amount for these expansions.