The most powerful console in the world is the PS4 Pro, but in a few months, it’ll be the Xbox One X. When a console is crazy powerful, one thing comes to mind, the games and how well they’ll perform.

During the Microsoft press conference at E3 2017, we saw several Video Games with the 4K title attached. Still, not every one of them was running at true 4K, but if there’s one thing we’re certain about, is that “Middle-earth: Shadow of War” is true 4K.

When the game arrives later this year, the best version in terms of consoles will appear on the Xbox One X.

This piece of vital information came directly from the developer, Monolith. And it makes perfect sense since the title was shown off at Microsoft’s press conference.

Additionally, there’s not a single gameplay out in the wild that’s available on the PlayStation 4 Pro, and that’s bad news for Sony going forward.

Shadow of War won’t be 60 frames per second

Before the official announcement of the Xbox One X, many fans believed every game coming for the platform would support 60 frames per second, but such is not the case. “Shadow of War” is the latest example of a title shooting for 30 frames per second than anything else.

In a statement, the developers said they are trying to gain more graphics from the system, so 60 frames per second is not the priority.

Furthermore, the developer went on to add that the Xbox One X is very powerful.

Monolith didn’t stop there. The studio claims the new Microsoft console will improve video game load times. This is something Microsoft has talked about in the past, so it’s great to have a developer saying the same thing.

4K gaming isn’t limited Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Microsoft has made it clear that its own studios will release all games in native 4K. This means, titles such as “Sea of Thieves,” Forza Motorsports 7,” and “Crackdown 3” will all perform at native 4K.

Not to mention, all exclusive Xbox One games released by Microsoft in the past will get a 4K upgrade.

Not too long ago, the developers of “Gears of War 4” talked about the game’s bump to 4K for the Xbox One X.

We’ve seen videos of this, but unable to tell the difference since we do not yet own a 4K TV or monitor.

Before the release of the new console on November 7, 2017, we expect Microsoft to talk about upgrading old titles to native 4K. The assets are there, Microsoft only needs to unlock them for the new Xbox video game console. Furthermore, only Xbox One X will get 4K assets.