Injustice 2,’ the second entry into DC Universe’s fighting game series, was launched in May this year for the PS4 and Xbox One. The game was later ported to Android and iOS devices. However, a PC version of the title was missing. Now, Warner Bros. Interactive has revealed that a PC version of the game is indeed coming soon and will be available through Steam by fall 2017.

What was revealed regarding the PC version?

According to a Gamespot report, Warner Bros. Interactive revealed that the PC version of the game is not being handled by NetherRealm, which was the studio behind the console versions of the game.

Instead, Polish studio QLOC has been tasked with porting the game over to PC. This studio is also responsible for the PC port of another NetherRealm game i.e ‘Mortal Kombat XL.’

At the time of announcing the PC version’s release, Warner Bros. Interactive also detailed the beta event for the same platform. The publisher claimed that this beta event was supposed to start from October 25. However, it was later revealed that the Open Beta is indefinitely delayed. The company did not reveal when the beta would be arriving but only confirmed that it would not start on October 25 as previously announced.

It is also uncertain whether the open beta’s delay will have any impact on the possible fall launch date of the game on PC.

If the beta is delayed to November and beyond, ‘Injustice 2’ may not release before early 2018. However, interested players will need to keep their eyes peeled for any updates for the game.

What is known about the game?

‘Injustice 2’ was widely-praised for all the improvements the developer succeeded in bringing to the franchise.

Aside from the overall competitive gameplay element provided, the single-player campaign also managed to keep players riveted. While playing co-operatively, each player can pick one superhero or super-villain belonging to the DC Comic universe. From well-known names such as Batman and Superman, the game also offers a wide collection of lesser-known characters from the universe.

Since the game released across the consoles, NetherRealms has periodically released updates for the title. These updates have added even more playable characters to the game such as Sub-Zero, Starfire, and Red Hood. Atom is the upcoming DLC character who will be added to the game in early December. Hellboy is also expected to be added to ‘Injustice 2.’