Game developers Deck Nine Games revealed the reason why they made “Life Is Strange: Before the storm” as a prequel to the first one. Co-Game Director Chris Floyd and Lead Writer Zakariah Garriss discussed what the development team discussed before coming up with the result of the next game title.

The two members of the game developer team also revealed the importance of the video game’s music soundtrack. They explained the inspiration it gave to them to create this new game for the franchise.

The reason for making the new game a prequel

Floyd revealed that the team already made a lot of decisions at the start of the development.

One of the plans was to go back to Arcadia Bay, but there were already issues with that. If they went back there with a sequel, it would mess up the choices that were made in the original game.

The idea of making of a prequel made sense from that discussion. They actually did not know that the main character would be Chloe, because Square Enix wanted the team to own the development of the story. The game company even told the team that they should just choose the story they wanted to tell.

Chloe is a fan favorite

Floyd also said that rebellious best friend Chloe was a fan favorite since the first game. She was also a favorite by the game developers and they were interested in her background. They used the relationship between Chloe and Rachel and that became the core part of their game.

Deck Nine Games communicated with Dontnod Entertainment

Garriss revealed that they did not get any consultation or any advice from the first developers, Dontnod Entertainment. From the beginning till the launch, they were the only ones behind the game with some help from Square Enix. They communicated with the others and flew to Paris to let them test out the gameplay.

The Dontnod Entertainment team played the game for four hours straight and passed it around the table. Game Director Michel Koch complimented their work and told the new team that the fans will love their work. They thanked the old team for their support and that they believed in their game.

Music was an inspiration to them

Floyd discussed their inspiration for the creation of “Life is Strange: Before the Storm,” which was the soundtrack.

One of the first things they did before developing the game was to find the best tracks that were compatible to their story. They got it right away and were assembled very early in the development stages.

The team leaders also invited the other members to think of other tracks for the video game. Square Enix helped out and enlisted the help of a music licensing group called Feel for Music. The game company chose some tracks that the group suggested, and they asked the team for the ones that really resonated with them.

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