Days passed by and it is time for the EA Gamescom 2017. Numerous games will get featured while fans get a chance to watch and play their favorite games. Meanwhile, a launch trailer of "Life Is Strange: Before the Storm" has been released, giving fans a sneak peek of the main story that took place three years Before the Storm and Max's arrival in Arcadia Bay. This is a gap-filler for fans, who yearn to know what happened between Rachel Amber and Chloe Price.

Chloe's father died in a car accident and it was a sudden mishap that befell on her family.

Now, the story unfolds for fans one more time. This time, fans will experience a new story with familiar characters through the eyes of Chloe Price. Here is the launch trailer below via the "Life is Strange" channel on YouTube:

Something supernatural

Fans are expecting that the game may involve time traveling again. However, this is not the case because the recent game trailers and gameplay teasers do not reveal time travelling mechanics at all. However, fans discussed that the game may involve something "supernatural."

As fans discuss further on social media, the game presents something more symbolic like the dead reincarnated into animals or spirit animals. Some fans say that Chloe's father may be represented as a raven, which is seen in the trailer above, flying above Chloe.

The doe that was seen in the first series entitled "Life is Strange" was also seen near the railroad.

A changing family

Aside from Chloe's close relationship with Rachel, her mother's sudden changes can be seen as well. Months after her dad died, her mother remarried. This sudden change also affected Chloe, in a way that changed her lifestyle and attitude from a modest teenager to a rebellious one.

Here is a scene between Chloe and her stepfather, David via the "Life is Strange" channel:

As David tries hard to gain Chloe's trust and heart, Chloe tries to push him back. Another scene is where she was scouring for a tool kit in the garage. While doing so, she found tools and items that reminded her of her late father, which adds to the hurt that she's been feeling now.

Most of all, her attitude is mean towards David. As she directly quotes it from the scene above, "my attitude is what makes me special." At the end was the most crucial choice that hits the heart of fans----to fist bump David or leave him hanging.

"Life is Strange: Before the Storm" will be released this August 31 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Moreover, the game will reveal its first episode out of three. The most important feature about this game is the choices that fans make. These choices will determine the result of each scene and future.