A “Destiny 2” player was able to beat this week’s Nightfall Strike, Exodus Crash. Bungie has a weekly reset that happens every seven days. After the reset, players are provided with a set of new changes for the variables within the second game installment. This ranges from the activities being offered to the rewards available, and even items on sale in shops. Nightfall Strikes has no matchmaking facilities, and players are left to either find some friends or take the challenge SOLO. When a player tries to play solo, he is setting himself up for the ultimate challenge as a single mistake could be very costly.

Impressive achievement

Nightfall Strikes in “Destiny 2” are designed to contain tough content in the game. However, a player has beaten this week’s Exodus Crash solo. On YouTube, a user named The HM05 uploaded a video showing how he managed to complete the raid in just 25 minutes and seven seconds. As seen in the video, the player saved his Super to use only towards the end of the raid.

Tips and tricks

It is also important to note that The HM05 used the RiskRunner in the raid. For those who are not yet familiar, RiskRunner is an Exotic sub-machine gun in the game that can be obtained through rewards, during the campaign mission or through Exotic Engrams. In the video, the player is seen activating Devour and shooting enemies using RiskRunner.

To activate Devour, check the bottom tier of the void, kill using a melee or throw a grenade. You can check out the entire raid in the video below.

Exodus Crash

Meanwhile, this week's Nightfall Strike, Exodus Crash, is established in Arcadian Valley. There are a couple of modifiers that are active for this week’s Strike. This includes the Timewarp: Rings, which are large white circles that are scattered throughout the mission.

Players can jump through them and each provides extra 30 seconds of time to complete the Strike. In addition, players can also make use of Prism this week. This revolves through each of the three elements with the selected element doing extra damage.

As for the Challenges, Speed of Dark is active and tasks players to finish the Strike with at least five minutes remaining.

On the other hand, Unbroken requires players to finish the Strike with less than three deaths. While Faster Than Lightning tasks Fireteam to kill nine Shanks with melee attacks prior to destroying Thaviks.

The recommended power level of this week’s Nightfall Strike is at least 240. Exodus is available in “Destiny 2” until the game’s next reset, which will be on October 24.