After being delayed by a week, the Destiny 2 Leviathan Prestige Raid officially went live today, and Bungie has already announced a winner via Twitter. Clan Redeem has been officially announced as the World First for the prestige raid, they won the raid by a margin of only four minutes. Clan Redeem currently sports 40 members and was created back in February 2015. Their clan page on the Destiny 2 tracker network states, "We are a bunch of randies that just so happen to have speed run records and as the first clear the Wrath of the Machine raid." Clearly, those speed run records came into play with the Leviathan prestige raid, which they can now add as well to their growing list of firsts.

Clan Redeem victory

However, this glitch did not prove to be a challenge for team Redeem who achieved the highly sought after World First by four minutes the day of the launch. Clan Redeem was made up of players, Sweatcicle, Modern Tryhard, Ehroaar, I Indica I, Senior Snubby, and Gladd. Together they defeated the prestige mode of the raid in 1 hour and 6 minutes.

Clan Redeem has also achieved World First during the Wrath of the Machine raid (from the Rise of Iron expansion) as well as holding numerous other records for fastest times on several other Destiny 2 game events.

Some of the rewards for the raid were a weapon ornament for Legend of Acrius and a blue emblem. Backing up the claim by Bungie that the rewards would not boost power levels, but instead be more cosmetic in nature.

World First is the highly coveted title within the Destiny 2 realm. This means that raids usually turn into races to see who can beat the raid first. The winner, other than receiving bragging rights, will often be given rewards like a new PvP map. Polygon has reported there is no word yet from Bungie on whether this will happen or not.

'Destiny 2' Leviathan Prestige Raid

The Leviathan raid came out a week after the game launched back in September. The prestige difficulty mode was set to be released last week on October 10. However, it was delayed until this week. There was a reported bug which allowed players to circumvent the challenge, which was the cause of the first delay.

However, Bungie decided against any further delays of the raid, in favor of monitoring teams who take advantage of the glitch. They are still working on a permanent fix for the bug.

The prestige raid does not offer a power boost and has a minimum of 300 light vs the 260 requirement for the normal raid. Gamespot reported that Bungie stated that it does, "not expect everyone to be successful in completing this activity." It is, after all, intended to be an actual challenge. The prestige raid is also not intended to raise power, but instead, will feature "unique rewards to help you shine."

Even though the World First title has already been claimed the prestige mode and normal mode for the Leviathan raid are still live and will still yield rewards for those players brave and skilled enough to complete it.