With rumors buzzing about the new storylines in World of Warcraft's latest release, gamers are eagerly awaiting announcements from the game's developers. There have been many hints and clues that Blizzard's latest expansion will take place in the South Seas, a section of Azeroth that hasn’t been explored yet.

According to reddit.com, aside from the South Seas, fans also want to see other unexplored places, specifically, Zandalar, appear in the game. Fans who support the South Seas expansion argue that the game would take place underground, allowing them to see old Titan vaults, old gods, and other traces of the black empire.

Some fans have concerns about exploring the water-themed world

Although excitement for the South Seas is high, there are still a few fans who have expressed concern over the exploration of the water-themed world. According to reddit.com, their reasoning behind this is that they want, "They want fresh and new content, not rehashes of past experiences like certain expansions have done."

Blizzard is expected to announce details of expansion at the upcoming Blizzcon

Blizzcon, coming up on November 3, is expected to release details regarding the new expansion, but according to dvsgaming.org, some details may have already been leaked online. After an image surfaced online that contained the words "Tides of Vengence" WoW devotees question if this may be the name of the newest release.

With Blizzard releasing a beta update last week, fans are more intrigued than ever.

Skeptics of the leaked image argue that the title would make sense only if WoW was going to be set on Kul Tiras, which includes the word "Tides", but if it is going to take place in the South Seas, then "Tides of Vengence" does not fit the plot of the game.

Fans are desperately grasping at any hint they can find on the exciting new release, and some have even taken to dissecting Patch 7.3 Shadows of Argus for clues. According to christianpost.com, a new mining discovery in Patch 7.3 could possibly be an indication of new subraces that will emerge in the newest expansion. These subraces are expected to be found in Highmountain Tauren, Lightforged Draenei, Nightborne, and the Void Elf.

With World Of Warcraft: Legion being out for over a year, fans are very ready for this new rumored expansion. A new hero is another potential surprise for fans since it has been several months since Jeff Kaplan introduced Doomfist in WOW's "Overwatch".

There are only four more days until BlizzCon, so fortunately for fans, the long wait is almost over.