NetherRealm Studios already announced one of the three DLC characters coming in Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 3. While the other two fighters remain a mystery at this point, game pundits and fans have been speculating who will likely make it to the DC fighting title.

Raiden was released in late September as the second DLC character in Fighter Pack 2. He will be followed shortly by Hellboy who will possibly arrive in “Injustice 2” by late October or in early November. Mike Mignola’s fictional superhero is still set to debut in his own gameplay trailer really soon.

The Atom confirmed

Surprisingly, the game developer already announced the Atom as the first playable fighter in the final Fighter Pack for the game. The news also came with a tantalizing gameplay footage showing off Mighty Mite’s shrinking abilities, fighting skills, and powerful moves.

With the announcement of the Atom, there are only two more character slots left in Fighter Pack 3. Apparently, there are tons of possibilities but game director Ed Boon hinted that the mystery character will surprise everyone.

The clue

Boon, who became famous for teasing some stuff on Twitter, recently dropped another exciting clue during an interview at Brazil Game Show. While the Atom makes quite a nice surprise addition to the game, he said that this mystery fighter is not like any other character in a NetherRealm Studios game.

The director added that players will be stunned by the character’s unexpected style of play, hinting that gamers won’t just be seeing the conventional punch and kick combo from the fighter. It is also deemed plausible that they will be pulled from the extended DC Comics universe.

Potential choices

Popular potential choices and guesses among the fans are Spawn and Rorschach from Watchmen.

However, it is not so certain whether these two fan favorites meet Boon’s description of “surprise” or not.

Spawn might sound like a good fit since his suit can be used to make weapons and armor. However, it’s not something that is unique to a NetherRealm title. Another guess is Rorschach but he does not stand up to other DC heroes such as Superman and Batman.

Nintendo Switch port

In more news, Boon also teased the possibility of porting the game or perhaps the company’s future titles to Nintendo Switch. Talking to Gamespot, the game director sounded optimistic and said that it would be plausible to also see the game running on Switch.

Nevertheless, he noted that it will have some limitations, especially in the graphics department. He further hinted that to make this happen, the company might seek an external team who can manage the process of porting the game to Switch.

Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios have yet to make an official announcement regarding the Switch version. But just in case, it will most likely feature all the DLC characters coming in "Injustice 2.”