"Fire Emblem Warriors"' will finally be available on October 20. While there are mixed opinions as to whether or not the game will be good, everyone is still checking to see what the latest updates are. The game has quite a bit of additional content being released as well, although it won't all be released at the same time. The three sets of DLC will be released late this year and into 2018. A report by Game Spot confirms this information.


The first DLC that we'll see is the set for "Fire Emblem Fates." This one will be out before the end of the year, although an exact date is not known yet.

The "Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon" DLC will be released in February, with the "Fire Emblem: Awakening" set being released in March. Each DLC will contain new characters, weapons, costumes, and more details for the storyline.

Individually, the packs will sell for about $9. However, you can buy a season pack for roughly $20 that includes all three DLCs and a special bridal costume for Lucina. A Japanese voice set will be available to download for free. Nintendo will be releasing Chrom and Tiki Amiibo on Friday as well. These two characters will add different items to the game.

For fans, it's rather frustrating to already be spending roughly $60 on the game and then have to spend more for the rest of the storyline and characters.

Hopefully, there are some added bonuses that Nintendo isn't mentioning yet to make it a little more worthwhile. It's understandable that the company has to make money, but they have truly been running wallets dry lately.

Unrest in the community

Many "Fire Emblem" fans have been around since the first game was released in 1990.

The franchise has been around for nearly 30 years, but not everyone likes what Nintendo is doing. When it comes to "Fire Emblem Warriors," many fans feel as if they aren't being listened to. There are many characters in the game from the most recent games, "Fire Emblem Fates" and "Fire Emblem: Awakening." However, there are very few characters being added that are from the older games that fans so desperately enjoy.

Nintendo has made it a point to listen to fans when it comes to the mobile game, "Fire Emblem Heroes." Since it's a mobile game, it takes a lot of time and development to work to the best of its ability. It has been crucial for Nintendo to listen to fans in order to make improvements to the game so that it stays enjoyable and doesn't become boring.

Nintendo has been working super hard lately, releasing a ton of new games and making different updates for consoles and mobile games alike. However, many "Fire Emblem" fans still aren't having their voices heard. While it may be unlikely that the franchise will lose a lot of fans, it certainly does get frustrating to be ignored. The hope is that Nintendo is working on a set of characters from the older games and giving better storylines than what has been seen lately.