Injustice 2 game developer NetherRealm Studios quickly addressed the prominent issue of lost gear and shaders, which were deleted after downloading Patch 1.10. The studio also offered a quick fix to the predicament and apologized for the inconvenience.

On Tuesday, players on Xbox and PS4 flooded Reddit, game forums, and the social media with reports of missing gear and shaders in “Injustice 2. “ They soon figured out that the problem consequently happened after the Patch 1.10 download.

Dev addressed Patch 1.10 issue

In response, NetherRealm released an official statement on Wednesday to address properly the concern of players regarding the confirmed lost gear issue.

It said that the studio is aware of the missing earned gear brought by the newest patch.

To appease the fans, the development team offered a quick fix that could resolve the current problem. “For those affected by this issue, please try and reboot the game after installing the patch. This should recover any Gear earned before 9/25,” the studio advised.

NetherRealm apologized

It is noted, however, that the quick fix might not work for all players. There are some who reported not losing any gear while others said their loots are not returning.

The studio assured that the team is currently doing an investigation on hard-earned gear after 9/25 that is still not restored. Also, it expressed sincere apologies for the frustration the players must have felt right now and thanked them for understanding.

Update 1.09 released

In more news, the DC fighting title also received 1.09 update early this week. The new patch introduced a host of balance changes and bug fixes. But most importantly, it was aimed to prepare the game for the release of Raiden as the next character from Fighter Pack 2.

The update came with tons of tweaks and notable changes such an increase in base stats of legendary items.

In addition to that, characters like Black Adam, Catwoman, Supergirl, and other characters now have Legendary Multiverse Portals.

There is a significant decrease in terms of the number of minutes gamers are required to play in Legendary Multiverse Events as well. The huge drop is from 3,000 and 7,000 to 1,000 and 3,000.

The balance changes apparently included a small nerf of Superman’s powers.

The Man of Steel’s Super Breath is no longer “throw immune.“ The update also removed “throw immunity” from two of his moves during their recovery frames.

Raiden DLC out shortly

Moreover, the 1.09 update now added Raiden and the Black Lightning premier skin to the game hinting that Raiden DLC will be out shortly. The god of thunder from the Mortal Kombat universe is scheduled to be playable in October but the official release date is yet to be announced.

"Injustice 2" is currently available on Xbox One and PS4. A PC version is reportedly in the works.