Injustice 2” players who have lost their gear and skins are still disappointed. The developer has not yet released the much-needed fix that can retrieve the gear. Players started noticing that their gear was wiped out after the developer rolled out Patch 1.10 to the game. The update was originally intended to fix the bug that allowed Xbox One users to download Raiden ahead of its official release date.

However, earlier today, NetherRealm Studios released an official statement about the troublesome patch. It seems that the studio has prepared the fix that will ease the worries of players of the fighting title.

Latest announcement

On the official forum of “Injustice 2,” game developer NetherRealm Studios released an official statement about the Lost Gear and skins of the players. According to the developer, they will roll out a fix that will bring back the lost gear to the affected users. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users are instructed to reboot their consoles to be able to receive the new update. The team also reminded the players that it would take some time to synchronize their gear.

The new statement from the game developer is short but just perfect for users who lost their Gear in the previous patch. The quick response from the game developer only shows that aside from listening to its players, it is also a proactive and skilled team.

Programming, debugging and troubleshooting is a strenuous task.

New character reveal

Meanwhile, NetherRealm Studios surprised their fans recently when they released a new trailer for its latest fighter included in the Fighter Pack 3. While most fans are anticipating the launch of the gameplay of Hellboy as the last character in the game’s second DLC, Atom was unveiled.

The game developer also informed the fans that the pint-sized hero would be available in the fighting title in December 2017.

The latest announcement excited the players and led them to speculate on the two other characters included in the game’s third expansion pack. Among the top bets are Constantine, Raven, and Spawn. Some fans are also speculating in game forums about the inclusion of the Enchantress in Fighter Pack 3.

The Lightning God Raiden, the second character in the game’s expansion is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. The Lightning god was released earlier to Ultimate Edition owners while those who do not own it will have to wait until today.

Fans can expect more exciting announcements that NetherRealm Studios has prepared for “Injustice 2.” Meanwhile, you can check out below the trailer of the first character revealed as part of Fighter Pack 3.