A new set of information revealing details about the Fighter Pack 3 of “Injustice 2” recently surfaced online. The reveal comes after the announcement of Raiden’s release date in the game. Fans are anticipating that NetherRealm Studios will announce or release the gameplay of the last character included in Fighter Pack 2—Hellboy. However, everyone was caught off guard when the studio showed off the trailer featuring a new character included in the next DLC.

Fighter Pack 3

NetherRealm Studios has not yet released all the characters included in the Fighter Pack 2 of “Injustice 2.” In fact, Raiden, the second fighter of the second expansion is yet to arrive for players who do not own the Ultimate version of the game.

However, the game developer has prepared a surprise for the fans.

Last night, during the Chasing the Cup special on The CW, the game developer unveiled the first character of the upcoming Fighter Pack 3. The first fighter is the pint-sized character that has been heavily anticipated by the community—Atom. Aside from the reveal, the studio also released a new trailer for Atom and even announced that he is coming in December 2017. The trailer shows off several details about Atom’s gameplay.


From the trailer, several details about the upcoming character were revealed. This includes Atom’s ability to appear as a pint-sized fighter and then grow to full size sending out an aura of intimidation against its opponent.

This reveals more of his fighting style, which underlines that he can transform from shrunken into a regular sized character in an instant. When the transformation takes place, the opponent can only see a blue line flying and is unable to see that he is about to land a destructive attack.

When Atom is in its regular size, he can perform powerful moves.

This includes the flip kick and flying uppercut. Aside from shrinking, he can also grow to a massive size and can crush his opponents with his gigantic fist. So far, these are the details revealed for the character. Hopefully, the developer will release more details about his other abilities soon.

Other characters

With Atom already announced, fans are speculating on the other characters included in the Fighter pack 3.

Among the characters, Constantine is the top pick and the top bet. The mysterious supernatural-fighting character from the “Watchmen” series has been heavily speculated since the first DLC. Fans are hoping that the trench coat wearing character will finally arrive along with the forthcoming expansion.

Meanwhile, you can check out the latest reveal trailer of Atom below. “Injustice 2” is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.