NetherRealm Studios recently surprised fans when it revealed the latest trailer about a new "Injustice 2" character. While many are anticipating the gameplay or release trailer of Hellboy, the developer give its player base the reveal trailer of Atom. It turns out that the newly unveiled character is included in the Fighter Pack 3. This is the final expansion that the developer promised would be rolled out to the game.

Fighter Pack 3

With Atom’s latest reveal, players are now starting to speculate again on who could be the other two characters that will be introduced in "Injustice 2." NeatherRealm Studios previously said that there would be three DLCs containing three brand new fighters that will be released to the game.

The first Fighter Pack introduced Raiden, Sub-Zero, and Starfire. The second DLC give fans Black Manta, Raiden, and Hellboy. The upcoming Fighter Pack 3 introduced Atom and will arrive in December. NetherRealm Studios leave the fans to guess for a little while before finally revealing their identities.


Typically, the game developer would share hints, teases, and clues before unveiling the fighters. Most of the time, the players' guesswork fails them. One factor that fans will now consider is the exclusion of the “Mortal Kombat” characters in the upcoming DLC. When Raiden was revealed as one of the three fighters in the second expansion, many fans were disappointed. There are even some who are very vocal with their disappointments.

It is also possible that because of this backlash, the developer released the Black Lightning Premiere skin.

In addition, the Fighter Pack 3 could include one female character. The silhouette image of the game reveals a figure that resembles a woman. Given these factors, fans have come up with their own guesses on the two other fighters in the third game DLC.

Potential candidates

Many fans since the arrival of the first DLC are requesting for Constantine. The requests come from various social media outfits and so far, there is a massive demand for the character. One of his notable abilities is a magical flame attack triggered by a special gauge.

Aside from Constantine, Raven is also among the top bets.

With the arrival of several “Teen Titans” characters in the game like Starfire, Cyborg, and Robin, fans think that the developer would soon include Raven. The character is also believed to be the character behind the silhouette in the image.

The silhouette seems to be wearing a hood. Another character that fans are heavily speculating to be included in the last DLC is Spawn. While he is not a DC character, he has been teased incessantly even before “Injustice 2” was officially launched.