"The Evil Within 2's" executive producer Shinji Mikami has explained why the upcoming horror adventure game is yet to be announced for the Nintendo Switch. During an interview with Express Online, Mikami and the game's director John Johanas expanded on their vision for the sequel to the 2014 title.

Mikami believes that "The Evil Within 2" is best experienced on a big screen. For Nintendo's console, he expressed that it could work well for horror games but "the horror should be designed for the Switch."

Considering that the Japanese Companies' latest hardware is also a home console, this complaint is a rather strange one.

Bigger and better

Tango Gameworks' first game in the series was quite well received, even if it did not break any new grounds. Critics praised the visuals and storytelling but were not that fond of the spikes in difficulty and the control scheme. "The Evil Within" felt like a spiritual sequel to the early "Resident Evil" titles, with stiff movement and tank controls. While the upcoming sequel retains the option to play with the same system, the developer also implemented an alternative control scheme which offers a smoother experience.

"The Evil Within 2" leaves behind the linear level design from the original, preferring to allow players the freedom to explore the creepy locations. Everything about the sequel is bigger, and the new world is no exception.

Whether this change will improve the experience remains to be seen, as it might struggle to match the claustrophobic environment present in the original.


Hopefully, Tango Gameworks manage to put together a plot which is easier to follow, this time around. The 2014 game worked mostly due to its stellar atmosphere, as the story was nonsensical at the best of times.

The sequel brings back Sebastian Castellanos, as the charming protagonist is once again put through the ringer.

Prior to the events of the game, Sebastian's daughter passed away in a house fire. Skip forward a few years, and the detective is forced to travel to the city of Union, as his daughter's mind lies at the core of its creation.

"The Evil Within 2" is taking a more personal approach to the story, giving Sebastian a clear reason to fight and press forward.

There are side-missions littered throughout the world, which can only be experienced by thoroughly exploring the areas. "The Evil Within 2" is set to be released on October 13 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.