The “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” will be finally launched on the Nintendo 3DS in November. To whet the appetite of fans, The Pokemon Company unveiled a new trailer teasing additional exciting features coming in the next set of 3DS games.

On Thursday, the game developer once again delighted the fans with the release of another trailer that showed off four new features. These latest additions include a whole new area, the Ultra Recon Squad, a Legendary Pokemon, and other details.

Take a look at the newest trailer below.

New UB introduced

The trailer first revealed an adorable new legendary pocket monster.

It is a poison- type ultra beast codenamed as UB-Adhesive. This beast will join UB-Burst and UB-Assembly that were announced earlier. Interestingly, this new creature is able to understand human beings as it gets closer and spends more time with people.

Fans can check out a slew of new screenshots featuring UB-Adhesive on Nintendo’s official website.

Details on Ultra Beasts

The new trailer further announced additional information about UB-Burst and UB-Assembly. UB-Burst is an exclusive fire/ghost-type in “Ultra Sun” and uses a unique attack. In launching the “Mind Blown,” the jester-like creature takes off his head and throws it at its opponent.

The UB-Assembly, on the other hand, is a defense-oriented Rock/Steel-type that is exclusive to “Ultra Moon.” All three of them own the Beast Boost ability that is similar to other UB in past games.

It is also said that these creatures originated from different worlds and arrived in the Alola region through the Ultra Wormholes.

New Area added

Interestingly, the two new games will also enable players to travel on top of Solgaleo or Lunala regions through these wormholes. They can explore the worlds where these beasts actually came from.

The trailer also introduced fans to a new area called Ultra Megalopolis. According to Nintendo, the new area is "a world that has had its light stolen by Necrozma."

New trainers squad

The new games will also add a mysterious team called Ultra Recon Squad, a small group composed of four trainers. Gamers will encounter Dulse and Zossie in the first version and they will meet Phyco and Soliera in the second version.

“Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” is a second main series of Pokemon games that will exclusively launch on Nintendo 3DS on November 17. Gamers who purchase the games before January 10 of next year will receive a special Rockruff for free.