The multiplayer online feature of “Grand Theft Auto V” called “Grand Theft Auto Online” is now four years old. Game company Rockstar Games celebrated its anniversary with a new Halloween event for players and fans to enjoy. They also gave discounts on several vehicles and properties.

From October 29 to November 6, players will enjoy new missions and the new Adversary Mode. They will enjoy double GTA$ and RP during this time. Anyone who logs into the multiplayer feature will get goodies.

Condemned is the new Adversary Mode

Players will get to try out the newfangled Smuggler’s Sell missions.

There is also a new Adversary Mode called the Condemned. Those who can complete these challenges will get double in-game money and RP as rewards.

Condemned is like the battle royale-type mode from past Adversary Modes. Players have to have to pass a curse to other players or else they will be out of the match after running out of time.

Players can pass the curse by killing others before time runs out. The last one standing will be the winner of the Condemned Adversary Mode.

Giveaway in-game cash to celebrate

Players will also get GTA$ 400,000 if they log into “Grand Theft Auto Online” starting on Oct. 29 until Nov. 6. They will get their free in-game cash through their own Maze Bank accounts. They can withdraw that cash from Nov.

6 until Nov. 13.

New Transform Race with new car

Players try out the new Transform Race Inferno with the new car called the Vigilante. This new vehicle has rocket propulsion technology and machine guns at the front. They can also upgrade those guns into missile launchers for better offensive power.

Any player who joins the Transform Race Inferno and Transform Races will get bonuses.

They can get them until Oct. 30.

Big discounts

Players will get 30 percent discounts on several properties, special vehicles, and more. These discounts last until Oct. 30.

On properties, all hangers, bunkers, biker clubhouses, and vehicle warehouses get discounts. There are five special-type of vehicles that get discounts like the weaponized Tampa, Half-Track, Ramp Buggy, Phantom Wedge, and Ruiner 2000.

There are nine normal aircrafts, motorcycles, and cars that also get discounts. These are the V-65 Molotok, Ocelot Penetrator, Banshee 900R upgrade, Declasse Tornado Rat Rod, Vapid Retinue, Pegassi Vortex, Pegassi Infernus Classic, Hijack Ruston, and the Nagasaki Shotaro.

Check out the "GTA Online" Smuggler's Run trailer here: