Next month marks the dawn of a new generation for “Gran Turismo video games, starting with “Gran Turismo Sport” or simply “GT Sport." However, players were surprised after learning that most of the game’s functionalities can only be accessed online.

According to the latest details posted on the PlayStation Blog, making most of the features of “GT Sport” available only once online is to ensure that the game will be fair to all players. It also allows monitoring the progress of the game, staying updated on the availability of new cars, and competition about friends through ratings.

Spirit of fair play

“In order to ensure fair racing for all, "GT Sport" will require an internet connection for the majority of functionality,” as posted on PlayStation Blog. They further explained that “This connectivity requirement is to ensure that progress, car availability, and driver ratings are properly maintained at all times.” For PlayStation players, access via PlayStation Plus will be needed.

Other features of “GT Sport” can still be accessed in an offline environment. These features include some portions of the Arcade Mode, including the limited two-player split screen, single-player races on select tracks and time trials.

Notice that these features and game modes are not related to the main Attraction of “GT Sport,” which is the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) “Gran Turismo” Online Championship.

As the only video game with an online championship endorsed by FIA, making sure of the game’s integrity is one reason why game developers decided to make the game’s main feature only available online.

'GT Sport Matchmaking

Game developer Polyphony Digital has reportedly fine-tuned that matchmaking system in “GT Sport”. This is to ensure that players with similar racing abilities will be pitted against each other.

Once a player gained experience and leveled up, the system will automatically adjust the matchmaking according to his/her new set of abilities.

The matchmaking system of "GT Sport" is based on three key metrics: Driver Level, Sportsmanship Rating, and Driver Rating -- the last two metrics available only in Sports Mode. Primarily, the players’ driver level is based on XP and its level will increase in conjunction with the XP gained in races.

Increase your Sportsmanship Rating by avoiding a collision and sticking to the race track; in short, drive and race as clean as possible. While you can increase your Driver Rating from “E” to “S”; however, the bad driving habit, which reflects on the player’s Sportsmanship Rating, has effects on the ability to progress.

Designed for PlayStation 4, “Gran Turismo Sport” offers both single-player and multiplayer modes. "GT Sport", which is officially endorsed by FIA, will be available in North America starting Oct. 17, 2017.