Friday the 13th: The Game” unintentionally revealed that a new Counselor would soon be added to the game. On October 11, Gun Media and Illfonic released the latest patch for their hit asymmetrical horror title. The free update contains the highly anticipated iteration of Jason Vorhees known as the PartIV Jason. It also released a new map dubbed as the Jarvis House. Aside from those, the latest patch introduced Emote Party Pack. Fans now will also be able to see the new Counselor Mitch Floyd. On top of that, several bug fixes were also rolled out.

New Counselor

In the patch notes released by the developers for the latest update released for “Friday the 13th: The Game,” contains an error. Interestingly, the error confirmed the arrival of another Counselor that has long been requested by players. The notes instead of stating that Mitch Floyd is added to the asymmetrical horror title as the new Counselor place the name Fox.

On the game’s official Twitter account, it asked players to ignore the post that says FreeF13Key with instructions to get free stuff. The account asked the players to ignore and no to click the link. A player replied to the post with a screenshot revealing that Fox is added to the game. Players who have started downloading the patch on Wednesday were able to see the summarized patchnotes on their respective consoles.

The summary contains the error that somehow confirmed the arrival of another Counselor.


For those who are not familiar with the character named Fox, she is the iconic survivor from the Part III of the movie franchise. Fox is a member of the three-person biker gang that discovered Crystal Lake and fell prey to Jason. While she is not a Counselor just like other members of the asymmetrical horror title, she is a memorable character in the movie that most fans remember as the last Survivor to fall in the hands of Jason Vorhees.

In July, Gun Media and Illfonic were reported to be already preparing on the inclusion of Fox portrayed by the actress Gloria Charles. The developers even asked fans to help them locate the family of the deceased actress to talk with them about their plans. It appears that the developers have been successful in their search for the Gloria Charles’ estate since she will soon join the Counselors in the game.

Fox’s release date to the asymmetrical horror title is not yet known. In fact, Gun Media and Illfonic have not yet commented on her arrival. Meanwhile, the latest patch released for “Friday the 13th: The Game” is now available for free.