"Destiny 2" is already out and there are strong rumors that the first expansion pack could be out as soon as December 5. However, that isn't stopping fans of the original "Destiny" game from doing some really amazing things with that property. As a matter of fact, there is one fan named Alexander Selik Selivanov who has created a Vex-themed DLC that you have to see.

The Vex-themed DLC

There has been a lot of cool creations to come from the "Destiny" community. A great example is a gamer who created a physical Grimoire Novel for "Destiny" lore. However, this new creation by Alexander Selik Selivanov is something to behold.

The Vex-themed DLC is something that was a huge project that this fan put a ton of work into.

The project started from scratch and Alexander Selik Selivanov was able to create anything and everything that is needed to fulfill the task of creating the Vex-themed DLC. There is a title screen, environment designs, weapons, and more, all put together into an impressive final "Destiny"-themed product.

There are new subclasses for the various "Destiny" characters. Examples of his creations include Starlord for Hunters, Sun Cleric for Titans, as well as Distorter for Warlocks. He also included supers as well as grenades/melee to the Vex-themed DLC as well. Honestly, with the work put into this, any fan of the video game would be insane not to want to play this DLC.

Alexander Selik Selivanov has a profile over at vk.com that has a lot of his concepts and work, including the Vex-themed DLC that you have to see to believe.

'Destiny 2' DLC packs

Sadly, as cool as the Vex DLC is for "Destiny" fans, there is no chance of it seeing the Light Of Day. That is because Bungie is now hard at work creating new gameplay modes for their "Destiny 2" release.

The first big Raid was called "Leviathan" and they also introduced Trials for the first time in "Destiny 2."

As for the DLCs for "Destiny 2," the rumor has it that the "Curse of Osiris" expansion pack will hit the first Tuesday of December. The reason for this speculation is that the first expansion pack for "Destiny" also hit three months to the day after the game was released.

In this case, Bungie announced that all big releases for "Destiny 2" will remain on Tuesdays, as they were for "Destiny." Three months will put the release date as December 5, 2017. While getting that expansion pack is exciting, it is disappointing that the Vex-themed DLC for the first "Destiny" will likey never see the light of day.