Great news for fans of the survival horror video game "Friday the 13th," as the studio behind it just released a new update 1.20, which addresses bugs brought about the older update. According to PlayStation Lifestyle, the new update 1.20 will make collectible tapes register properly when players pick them up and has fixed the bug that caused players to experience a black screen during the beginning of a match. The new patch has also enabled the EAC to properly auto-install when the game is launched on PC or Steam. The new update is a follow up to update 1.18, which also introduced new content to the game from IllFonic and Gun Media.

Character fixes in new update

Update 1.20 for "Friday the 13th" has new fixes for the character, Jason. It addresses a bug that made Jason block and attack at the same time and also deals additional damage to doors and walls. Players will also notice that the update addresses the bug that caused Jason's grab animation refuse to trigger when he grabs a Counselor out of a vehicle. The new update will prohibit players to access Jason kills from Part 4 that haven't been unlocked and has also added a minimum required distance between Jason traps to prohibit players from using multi-trap objectives and chain stun Counselors. The update also addressed the bug that made Jason's interaction locked following an attack on a hiding Counselor.

Meanwhile, a fix has been provided for the bug that enabled Jason Part (2/6/9) to have a higher HP than he's supposed to. Lastly, the fix also addresses some issues regarding Jason walking across the Police Line while holding a Counselor.

Two new fixes for Counselors

Jason isn't the only one to receive fixes in "Friday the 13th"'s update 1.20, as Counselors are also getting their issues addressed.

For one, the bug that makes blood splatter and not appear correctly on Counselors who are eliminated via a Cinametic Kill has been fixed. Additionally, the bug that caused Counselors to be suspended in air when eliminated with an Environmental Kill has also been fixed.

New mode coming soon

Aside from update 1.20, "Friday the 13th" will also add a new mode called "Paranoia," PC Gamer reported.

While there's no release date announced at the moment, the studio has released a teaser for the new mode, which according to the studio is "coming soon." Fans of the game are speculating that the new mode will let the killer disguise himself as a camp counselor, heightening the suspense and causing players to not know who the murderer is until they fall victim to him. "Friday the 13th" is now playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.