The multiplayer slasher hit title Friday the 13th: The Game will soon receive a free DLC that will introduce the Single Player Mode including some bug fixes and well-needed improvements. Gun Media may have teased fans Pamela Vorhees as a playable character and a possible new map.

Free DLC

The game developer officially announced that a free DLC is on the way to the game and will highlight the addition of a single-player mode for players. The next update is also aimed at crushing performance bugs that have been pestering the players.

Gun Media feels thankful for the tremendous amount of support it received from fans and this has paved the way for the team to devise an expansion plan that will bring a wealth of new content in the game soon.

It also said that it will announce the great news shortly, especially about the new single-player mode that will be released for free.

Pamela as playable character

The game has gained a massive cult following since its release a few months ago and it has proved to be a hit as fans enjoy “Friday the 13th: The Game” as much as they liked the film franchise which it is based on. To please them even more, the studio teased a seemingly exciting possibility.

A post on the game’s official Twitter account has dropped a hint that Jason Vorhees' killer mom, Pamala, might be playable in the game. Avid fans of the horror series know that Pamela is the killer in the original film. It was only in the succeeding sequels when her son and horror icon Jason followed her steps and took over as the serial murderer.

It further hinted the possible addition of a new map when the tweet mentioned that Jason and Pamela are stalking the Litchfield Field prison. Most of the fans responded positively and are loving the idea of playing as a new killer in a different playground.

Server Issues

The game faced some server issues due to the huge influx of players when the game went live on the first day of launch.

Apparently, the studio fell short in predicting the number of gamers that will be playing the game on day one.

Some of the woes include frequent disconnections, matchmaking problem, and long waiting times before players can play the game. But Gun Media quickly tweaked most of the prevailing issues that time with the release of Update 1.04.

“Friday the 13th: The Game” is available on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC. The game ranked as 124th most successful crowdfunded game in the history of crowdfunding campaign in the US.