Jason Vorhees will have New Kills in “Friday the 13th: The Game” arriving soon. After the roll out of the much-awaited patch for Xbox One, a possible new content is expected to be released in the game.

Latest hints

In the official Twitter account of the horror-survival game, a post is teasing players that a new content linked with the game’s iconic main character Jason Vorhees is going to be released in the game soon. So far, nothing specific about the content is revealed in the tweet.

In the past, a potential Jason-themed content was hinted by the executive producer and director of Gun Media Randy Greenback.

On his tweet, he teased that the team was with Kane Hodder to produce additional motion capture sequences. During the tease, details were a bit vague. Recently, however, it has been confirmed that players will most likely get new kills through Hodder’s performance in both the movies as well as in the game.

Upcoming additions

In the post, the first kill that was shown was Jason Vorhees attacking a Counselor through the use of what appears like a machete prior to slamming the victim to the ground. In addition, Hodder was also talking about a motion capture project where he particularly mentioned a pitchfork being used as his character’s weapon. Several speculations claim that it could be connected to the Savini Skin, which has a burning Jason concept.

The latest previews posted online have drawn speculations from fans that are hopeful that aside from the kills, Gun Media would introduce something more. Other speculates that the machete could potentially be referring to the kind that Uber jason used. Since the game’s release, fans have been requesting that this other version of the iconic killer would be introduced in the game.

The game developer has not yet made any comment about this since then.

While the fans would appreciate the character’s new kills, a new version of Jason Vorhees would certainly please them. This could satisfy the players request for more contents coming in “Friday the 13th: The Game.

Savini Skin

Meanwhile, the latest Xbox One update has accidentally added the Kickstarter Backer-exclusive Savini skins to all users.

This has made Kickstarter backers furious since they were expecting that only those who help “Friday the 13th: The Game” during its early development stage and those who were able to pay extra for the skins could avail it. However, the accidental inclusion of the skins enabled other players to download it. As of press time, the issue has been addressed and Gun Media has remained solid on their stand of giving the exclusive skin to the Kickstarter backers only.