Epic Games announced the Release Date of the Battle Royale mode in their base-building game “Fortnite.” Fans got very excited as the company also released a new trailer for the upcoming game mode. The Battle Royale mode is basically a “PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds” style of game mode where Players must hunt for guns and other supplies while trying to stay alive and become the last person standing. “PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds” has been making a huge impact in today's gaming industry. Due to this, fans can expect that there will be a lot of players in the upcoming game mode.

When is the release date of the Battle Royale mode

According to Epic Games, they said that the Battle Royale mode in “Fortnite” would be released on September 26. It will also be available for free. Epic Games also said that players could get refunds when they bought the base game between September 12 to 19 just to get access to the upcoming game mode. The company also confirmed that the game will not leave its early access state yet even when the Battle Royale mode gets released. Players can also expect cosmetic items that can be sold in the game. Aside from the upcoming game mode, Epic Games also said that they would continue to add more contents in the campaign mode of the game.

What to expect from the Battle Royale

There are a lot of things to expect in the upcoming Battle Royale in “Fortnite.” First is the ability to make squads, where players can team up with each other to survive much longer in the game. Players will also have the ability to scavenge tons of new weapons. In the latest trailer for the upcoming game mode, players can see different types of weapons used by the character, such as a shotgun, assault rifle, sniper and even a rocket launcher.

Players can also use different melee weapons and grenades. The trailer also shows different traps that players can craft. Due to this, players must be cautious when entering a house.

Players can also create their own base in the game. However, it is not recommended to stay inside a crafted base too much time as the Battle Royale features destructible objects.

Players can also craft a jump booster floor, which will be very helpful when trying to reach a high structure. The upcoming game mode will also feature the shrinking wall, which is similar to “PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.” The Battle Royale will also feature 100 players in a single match. Epic Games also confirmed that the upcoming game mode would not be pay-to-win. Due to this, players can expect a fair gameplay where everyone has a chance to win the game.