“Fortnite” had gained a lot of attention for its unique gameplay and interesting concepts. They recently announced a battle royale mode similar to “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One which blew up over the past few days. Despite the controversy, the developers still released the additional mode for the said platforms. That said, here’s how to download the battle royale mode for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

For the Sony console

According to Heavy.com, log into the PS Store and search for “Fortnite” without the “battle royale” search term.

Strangely, the game doesn’t show up of you put the “Fortnite: Battle Royale” search term. Once you manage to find it, just click and hit install. It’s much simpler to download the DLC on the PlayStation 4 instead of the PC. Once it’s done installing, you can enjoy the new mode with your friends.

On the Xbox One

For the Microsoft console, the game might flash on the home page if you’re lucky. If not, then you’ll have no choice but to download it from the store manually. Use the same “Fortnite” search time without the “battle royale” term to find it.

Take note that you can buy the mode without actually owning the game. The battle royale mode is a standalone title that can be played without actually owning “Fortnite.” However, if you’ve bought the main game, you’ll automatically have access to the new mode.

Instead of working together with your friends, this mode pits you against others in a free-for-all battle.


The new mode caused a lot of controversy because of its similarity to “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.” According to Polygon, Bluehole’s Chang Han Kim stated that they are “concerned” that the team-based game is trying to “replicate” the “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground” experience.

He also brought up the fact that the “FN” developers referenced “PUBG” in its promotional content which is something Bluehole never agreed to.

In response to this, Epic Games’ Donald Mustard claimed that they are major fans of the battle royale genre. Because of this, they believed that they believed that “FN” would make a sound basis for their own battle royale game.

This certain genre isn’t exclusive to “PUBG” as many other games have been built on this foundation in the past. Those who want to play “Fortnite” can get a copy for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Meanwhile, “PUBG” is currently available to play on the PC.