After Bungie has divulged some tidbits about what's ahead for "Destiny 2" at this year's TwitchCon, fans are now musing as to when the game's second season would go live. While most of the fandom wait for these contents, some have dug deep into its game files and discovered some interesting finds.

Spoilers ahead

A Redditor that goes by the moniker TheEcumene recently took to the "Destiny" subreddit revealing some info about the first-person shooter's upcoming contents. The fan has just dug up a plethora of Audio Files that are believed to be included in the game's future DLC's or updates.

Among the tens of thousands of audio files, this "Destiny 2" fan has unearthed numerous Voice lines hinting about possible contents involving The Myriad and Jupiter's moon – Ganymede. There were also audio files that are talking about some of the game's patrol zones which include Old Russia, Mars, the Dreadnaught, and Venus.

There is also a Lord Saladin audio file as he talks about the old Warlock Osiris. If the files are anything to go by, it looks like the Iron Lord despises the former Vanguard. There is another voice line of Saladin where he can be heard talking about the last surviving Warmind – Rasputin.

Other files suggest the return of the Exo vendor Shiro-4 on Mercury, while Osiris "comes to the Tower once again." Marcus Ren was also mentioned in one of the files including the Sparrow Racing League.

Other files mentioned other contents like The Reef and Petra and Variks.

The Cayde-6 files

Another intriguing discovery are the numerous voice lines pertaining to Cayde-6's demise. Fellow Redditors suggest that this was supposed to happen in the past, though it never transpired. However, there were also files of Cayde that got uncovered that are likely to be included in future contents.

That being said, fan theories stated that since Cayde is an Exo, it is very much plausible that he can be rebooted just like the gunsmith Banshee-44 and others like them. Others suggest that the character might get killed off in a cliffhanger of an ending and have him revived in future installments of "Destiny" to rake in some sales.

The Redditor pointed out though that the files about the Exo's death was "in-game" giving him an impression that these were cut from the game. He finds it quite odd that these sound snippets are still within the game, though it was already scrapped by Bungie. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: