Fire Emblem: Warriors” is here. The new installment to the tactical RPG features a lot of characters. In fact, the game contains different characters from many “Fire Emblem” games, starting from “Fire: Emblem: Shadow Dragon” to “Fire Emblem: Fates.” Players can meet them through story mode or Hero Mode. Here are some tips to unlock a certain female tactician.


Robin is one of the most popular characters in the “Fire Emblem” franchise. The tactician who originally hails from Plegia is a close friend and ally of Prince Chrom of Ylisse. What made Robin stand out as a character is their ability as an excellent tactician and loyalty to Chrom and their allies.

The Prince and the tactician’s relationship throughout the story are what made it so compelling. It is through them that made “Awakening” the franchise’s savior.

In “Warriors,” Robin will have the same set of skills as before. They can use swords and magic in battle, however, it is preferable that Robin uses Magic. The tactician can use a lot of moves in the game. The most common one is the standard attack which is composed of seven strikes. This move is very useful as it can clear a large group of enemies, a perfect strategy in the first part of any stage.

Robin can also use several combos. The first one allows the character to unleash a small fireball that can cause a huge destruction. It is preferable to use this move in the latter part of your tactic, as the attack takes some time to be launched.

Another combo Robin can use is their signature lightning move. It’s probably one of the tactician’s most powerful moves as it causes a massive rain of lightning bolts to the enemy. You can use it to clear enemies or shower the boss with a relentless attack.

Robin’s magic will be handy against beasts and mages, so plan ahead when using them.

How to unlock Female Robin

In “Warriors” Robin is depicted as male. When the trailer first showed the character in this version, many fans were sad as many prefer the female version. For them, female robin has more personality, and her interactions with Chrom seem more meaningful compared to the male version.

To get female Robin in “Fire Emblem: Warriors,” players only need to play the game’s very first history map.

The mission requires players to reach the character and complete the 25 challenges within the map. In the game, Female Robin is only a character skin for the canon male Robin in the story mode. You can change the male Robin into female using normal means.