Gears Of War 4” developer The Coalition announced the upcoming updates for the game this October. It includes two new maps, which features a close combat gameplay. The upcoming update will also bring bonus features for the Season Pass holders. The Coalition also confirmed future events such as the Halloween event on October 27 and the franchise's 11 year anniversary on November 6. The company also announced that they will continue to bring more contents in the future.

Two new maps

According to The Coalition, the first map is called Fuel Depot, which features a warehouse and high structures.

Due to this, players can expect that the map will always have some snipers. However, the Fuel Depot is designed to be a close quarter map. Due to this, players should use shotguns to dominate every match. It is also a good map for beginners as it will help them to master both sniping and close combat skills. The second map is called the Lift Apex, which is mostly focused close quarter combats. According to The Coalition, they removed the lift in the map and makes it even smaller. The Lift Apex was used as the first map in the game's launch. Due to this, players that have played there before will easily memorize which spots for camping are the best. The Coalition announced that both maps will be added to the public matchmaking on October 30.

The company also receives a lot of positive feedbacks from its players as they continue to bring new maps in the game every month.

Season pass bonuses

The Coalition announced that season pass holders will be able to receive some amazing bonuses in this month. Season pass players will receive a double XP bonus on October 23. They will also receive a 20% credits boost on October 24 as well.

Season pass holders will also have a chance to play in the two upcoming maps earlier than regular players. According to the company, season pass players can play in the two new maps on October 23, which is the same day that they will receive both double XP and 20% credits boost. Aside from the season pass bonuses, The Coalition also announced a new feature called Map Owned bonus, where players will be given a boost on both XP and credits after finishing an owned Versus or Horde maps.

Players that do not own any maps yet will also receive a boost on XP and credits in the first ten maps that were released in the game's launch. Season pass players will receive XP and credits boost in all of the 34 maps in the game.