Today, NetherRealm Studios rolled out the latest gameplay trailer revealing the last character of the Fighter Pack 2 of “Injustice 2.” To double the excitement, the game developer also revealed the release date of Hellboy so fans could finally get their hands on the much-awaited character.

Before his gameplay trailer, the developer released the reveal trailer of Atom. The tiny hero is the first character included in the third and final DLC of the game and is anticipated to be available in December. With the arrival of the rock-fisted hero from hell, fans are speculating on the two other characters that will be unveiled along with Atom in the game’s Fighter Pack 3.

New gameplay trailer

NetherRealm Studios recently released the much-awaited gameplay trailer of Hellboy in “Injustice 2.” The inclusion of the red-skinned-demon in the Fighter Pack 2 of the game was a surprise to fans a couple of months ago. The superhero from hell joins Black Manta and the Lightning God Raiden in the official roster of the characters in the popular fighting title.

The game developer did not disappoint fans with its latest reveal trailer for the upcoming character. In the two-minute trailer, he is shown hitting his opponents with solid punches coming from his massive iron fist. He has also an ability where he will grab the opponent with his left hand and land incessant punches on the enemy’s face.

He has lethal super moves in which he brings his opponent to the bottom of Hell, lands a few solid fist punches, and finishes it with a flaming ax.

There is also a scene in the trailer where his massive horns are blazing. A showcase of where the hero is from. Fans are delighted with the latest video and could not wait to download the new character who will be one of the toughest opponents to fight with.

The hero has also a lot of one-liners and wisecracks that he can throw at his enemy while fighting.

Release date and other details

The hellish hero will be available for players who have Early Access on November 14. Game director Ed Boon also revealed the character’s official release date on his official Twitter account. Meanwhile, fans are now speculating on the two other characters that will join Atom in the Final Pack 3 of the fighting game.

Several fans are hoping to see Spawn and the Enchantress joining the fray. However, NetherRealm Studios has not yet hinted any clue about the upcoming fighters of “Injustice 2.” You can check out the latest gameplay trailer of Hellboy below.