Video games with historical relation and relevance are always exciting. It gives players a good sense of drama and adventure which took place in a particular era, which is what “Dynasty Warriors 9” is giving.

There’s a little teaser on how the overall game will go. It gave players an idea on its nuances compared to the eighth installment. It showcased a right mix of similarities and differences. Though short, it was enough to excite gamers the world over.

What can players expect from ‘Dynasty Warriors 9?’

The game producer, Akihiro Suzuki said that the “Dynasty Warriors 9” will be the rebirth of the “Dynasty Warriors” series.

Zhou Cang will the main game character. The game’s 83 other characters will be returning as well.

The game’s publisher also confirmed that there would be two new playable characters to be introduced. They are the brilliant and exceptional generals, Man Chong and Zhou Cang. Cang is hailed because of his excellent speed while Chong is known as a master debater. Both characters will join Dian Wei, Dong Zhuo, Guan Ping, Ling Tong, and Xu Zhu.

Koei Tecmo said that the game would continue to showcase the beautiful scenery of China. It will feature what China is known for such as the Great Wall and the bamboo forest of Chengdu.

The battles the players will go through will dramatically change the entire peaceful scenery.

The battles will be more epic and the players can move according to their will which is not an element present in the previous “Dynasty Warriors” games. The game will showcase new costumes for different characters too. Sun Shangxiang, Lu Xun, and Lu Bu will have a total makeover.

The release date

The big question is when “Dynasty Warriors 9” will be released.

Koei Tecmo did not provide any specific release date.

With all of its new elements to the game, it will surely be one of the best games to be released. Gamers are hoping it will happen as soon as possible. With the trailer already available, the game might be released soon. The release will surely not going to be the same as the delayed confirmation of another popular game, "Kingdom Hearts 3."

The available platforms

“Dynasty Warriors 9” will be available on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

However, it will be a different case in Japan. The game will only be available on PlayStation 4.

What's the best thing to do?

At this point, waiting is the only option for gamers. The game’s creators are sure to provide more snippets and trailers to tease the gamers more.