Code Vein” producer Keita Iizuka and director Hiroshi Yoshimura have recently revealed new information about it in an exclusive interview with DualShockers. The details revealed the nature of the game’s difficulty, companions, Open World, and other features.

The developers confirmed several features of the game that many fans have speculated recently. They also revealed the major difference in it compared to the “dark souls” franchise. They also said that they were thinking of adding new features for online options.

Video game will be open world

The director and the producer confirmed that this video game will have an open world system.

They stated that this feature will have similarities to the open world system of similar franchises like “Dark Souls.” Every area of the game will be connected with each other, and players can go anywhere they want without story limitations.

NPC companions will be the big difference in this game

To make this game title totally different than its similar game franchises, it has the NPC companions system that will follow the players around. They will assist them in anything like dungeon exploration, co-op attacks, and more to make it a dramatic gaming experience.

Players can unlock new companion NPCs as the video game story progresses and some dungeon exploration. The game producer did not disclose the number of companions that can be unlocked, but he assured they are a combination of male and female characters.

He also revealed that all of them were made to be attractive to the audience.

The NPCs that get recruited by the players can assist them on their journeys. For those characters that will not have anything to do, they will be on standby at a base camp.

True nature of difficulty feature

Code Vein” will not have any options to change its difficulty, which will make it more challenging.

The developers revealed that they designed it to let the players make their own journeys and build up their characters by increasing their strengths. They also want them to make the right decisions in choosing the dungeons that they can actually complete.

New features might be coming soon

Iizuka revealed that they still cannot confirm if the video game will have an online co-op system.

However, they are currently discussing the possibilities of new features in the future, and they will be revealed in the next announcement.

No deep meaning for vampire theme

The development team revealed that they chose a vampire theme for “Code Vein” because they just liked these type of monsters. They also revealed that the blood drinking mechanic was the best feature for it.

Check out the "Code Vein" TGS 2017 trailer here: