By now, a lot of "Destiny 2" players have most likely exhausted all the available activities included in the game. Bungie has promised and delivered more content than any fan could hope for in a sequel. Just like its previous games like “Halo” and some of its sequels, the developer cleverly sneaks in some Easter eggs or secrets within the game. Some of these could be intentional, while others are clearly caused by bugs or glitches. Bored players are sometimes determined to uncover all of these hidden gems or exploits just to see how far it takes them.

Just recently, a glitch was discovered that allowed Guardians to clip through walls and explore beyond the game’s limits. As expected, the developer swiftly took action and apparently resolved the problem.

Bungie fixes Emote glitch in ‘Destiny 2’

What prompted Bungie to immediately take action was probably the large number of users who exploited the glitch. The bug allowed “Destiny 2” gamers to take advantage of its wall-clipping properties to pass through the environment and explore the map's unused areas. This was apparently caused by the Bureaucratic Walk Emote, which is the developers’ obvious tribute to "Monty Python." Once activated, Guardians immediately begin to copy the steps featured in the “Ministry of Silly Walks” sketch from the popular comedy show.

As of this writing, the developer has promptly and quietly removed the item from Eververse, an in-game marketplace for various items and such.

Raid exploit prompted removal

Not all users necessarily took advantage of the bug to overcome the sequel’s intended barriers.

Many that were aware of its properties simply explored around the available maps to find hidden rooms. Perhaps some tried to unveil some secret quest-related locations that could help the community solve suspected in-game unlockable elements. However, there were some players who intentionally used the glitch to exploit the Leviathan raid.

This allowed them to access all the raid chests within the endgame PVE mode, which normally required a complete fire-team of Guardians in order to legitimately earn the loot within.

No word from the developer

Bungie did not issue any official notice regarding the possible return of the removed emote. Nevertheless, “Destiny 2” players believe that it will make a comeback after its environmental interaction is fixed. Meanwhile, the first Iron Banner event is expected to end soon, so players are encouraged to cash in their hard-earned tokens or participate in more matches to earn the limited-time loot.