Destiny 2” is coming to PC users in a couple of days. The shared multi-shooter title is currently available in Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Apart from the Prestige Difficulty and the Leviathan Raid, Bungie has recently announced other in-game events and activities that will retain and entice players to keep playing their second game installment. The game developer recently announced that it is bringing back a winter-themed event that was previously enjoyed in the first game installment. The Dawning will soon be released in the game along with its own content and events.

The Dawning

In the recent TwithCon, Bungie’s Ryan Paradis shared that “Destiny 2” players will have the chance to have snowball fights in the social spaces of their shared multi-shooter title. The size of which will be similar to that of the orb relics that can be seen throughout the game. Paradis also revealed that players will also be able to play Ice Hockey in the Tower. As shown in the picture, it seems that players will be enjoying a life-sized version of the popular ice game where they can knock around in the game’s Tower Hangar.

With the arrival of The Dawning, aside from the Tower, the Farm, which is the game’s social space, will also get its own makeover. Players can expect to see snow forts where they can use as a hiding place when the snowball fights start.

The game developer also hinted on extending the snowball throwing mechanic into the game itself. So far, no extra details were revealed. However, it was clear that Bungie is referring to other PvE activities and Strikes where players can throw snowballs towards their opponents.

Other details

The Dawning is expected to kick off in December 2017 after Season 2 begins.

The game developer also gives players a preview of the different armor sets that will be available for the event. Currently, Bungie has not revealed how this armor sets can be obtained. Most likely, players can earn them through Bright Engrams.

Prestige Difficulty

Meanwhile, the much-awaited Prestige Difficulty of the Leviathan Raid is now available in the game.

Initially, the much-difficult version of the game’s first raid was scheduled to be released on October 1. However, Bungie discovered an exploit in the Boss fight that made them decide to postpone the release and fix the exploit. It turns out later that the fixing the exploit will run the risk of breaking a part of the game.

The game developer finally decided to release the difficult version of the raid on October 18. The much-awaited release of “Destiny 2” in PC is scheduled on October 24.