Since its launch earlier last month, “Destiny 2” has been pretty much a hassle-free experience for both veterans and first-time players. Bungie’s sci-fi FPS is obviously a grind to push your Guardians to reach a higher level in order to earn better gear. Outside of other in-game activities like Strikes, Crucible matches, Trials of the Nine, and the Leviathan raid, gamers rely on Public Events to earn loot and level up their characters. These were also available when the first installment came out a couple of years ago, but was considered less-rewarding and difficult to track within the game.

Bugs with Public events reported by Destiny 2 players

Destiny 2” took a big step to address some of its shortcomings from the first game, and one of those involves Public events. Bungie made it in a way that the activity status and location shows up on the map. Guardians can set a marker and make their way to that area of the map quickly. However, recent observations have been reported by players that they can no longer see these markers on the map. Upon closer inspection, it seems to be just a bug on the map’s display since these events apparently continue to happen. Others observed that even if the icons do not show up the activities are still there in random areas just as they normally do.

Suspected visual cue issue

Since others confirmed that Public events continue to drop randomly across the game’s map, the reported bug is most likely related the shooter’s activity icon for some reason. Bungie has another scheduled maintenance this week as they presumably prepare to introduce the prestige difficulty for the Leviathan raid.

Along with the update, fans suspect that a secret quest might also be triggered this weekend on October 7, 2017. A couple of years ago, the Sleeper Simulant quest activated on the same date. Therefore, players speculate that a new secret mission might become available in Io, since the World quest for that planet failed to reward players with an Exotic weapon, unlike the other ones available in the game.

Missing icon is problematic for players

While the issue might seem minor on the grand scale, the Faction Rally and Flashpoint milestones require players to participate in Public events. Not being able to locate the next activity will certainly be frustrating. Personally, I have yet to encounter the issue since I sink in a couple of hours into the game on a daily basis. “Destiny 2” has other reported issues like exotic raid weapon quest lockout bug and reports of frame rate problems. Bungie has yet to officially comment on the reports, but given their track record with reported issues, the problem should be hopefully sorted out soon.