Bungie continues its efforts to spoil their fans with more content than they bargained for. Last week saw the introduction of the Faction Rally event, which is expected to crown the winning team this week. Members of the victorious sect are set to receive a big discount to purchase their faction’s exclusive legendary weapon. Gamers are also looking forward to more content like the Iron Banner PVP event sometime this October. Moreover, the Prestige difficulty for the Leviathan raid is also scheduled to launch this month.

However, it has been speculated that the developer will reveal its first Secret quest for “Destiny 2."

The first secret quest for ‘Destiny 2’

According to longtime fans of the sci-fi FPS, the suspected secret quest will drop on October 7, 2017. Many fans believe that Bungie usually has something in store for its players on the seventh. Way back on October 7, 2015, Bungie featured the cryptic quest for the coveted Sleeper Simulant. Veterans from the first installment already have some suspicions that the sequel will eventually feature a secret quest just like its predecessor. It should be noted that nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet. Therefore, there might also be the probability that nothing will be in store for “Destiny 2” this weekend.

Popular theories suggested by fans

So far, there are two theories which are supposedly supported by in-game evidence that suggest that a secret quest might make an appearance. One of them speculates that it could be an Exotic weapon quest, which is highly favored by most fans. On the other hand, the second theory seems to be related to a new area that could be made public by the developer.

Exotic weapon quest suspicions

Players who have completed the game and all of its missions are aware of the Exotic weapon quests available. These were obtainable with patience and a little effort, allowing Guardians to obtain weapons like the Rat King, Sturm, and the MIDA Multi-Tool. Each of these weapons was tied to one of the main locations like Titan, Nessus, and the European Dead Zone (EDZ) on Earth.

Interestingly, Io’s exclusive quest only awarded the Man of War, which is a Legendary linear fusion rifle. This led gamers to speculate that a secret mission could continue in Io and reward the Exotic weapon upon completion.

New area and enemies

Some “Destiny 2” players have reportedly accessed a secret area in the 1AU story mission. They pointed out that the location could be part of the secret Exotic weapon quest. Bungie continues to impress its fans with its continued support for the sequel. Guardians can look forward to more content as the game becomes available for PC on October 24, 2017. The next DLC expansion is also expected to arrive later this year.